WMEboom is a dynamic team of environmental design engineers and design consultants.

Our interdisciplinary approach has been developed from an in depth understanding of all aspects of building design and a shared passion for delivering projects successfully and with integrity.

Our team includes mechanical, electrical, public health and controls engineers who are committed to providing responsive, intelligent and effective designs across multiple sectors.

Our Services

  • WMEboom produce briefs, aligned with Soft Landing principles, navigate planning, developing energy and sustainability strategies.
  • WMEboom undertake design reviews and BREEAM assessments, fulfilling the role of Accredited Professionals.
  • WMEboom develop environmental engineering designs, including mechanical, electrical and public health engineering.
  • WMEboom procure MEP Services, ensuring cost-effective solutions are achieved.
  • WMEboom assist Trade Contractors in mobilising and achieving targets on-site.
  • WMEboom plan for Building Readiness and a Soft Landings handover.
  • WMEboom undertake Quality Management reviews targeting Zero Defects on site.
  • WMEboom provide support to clients in ‘getting up and running’.
  • WMEboom audit the energy and satisfaction of occupants once the building is operational.
  • WMEboom share our experiences and knowledge gained.
  • WMEboom do whatever is required to get the job done.

Who We Are

  • Building Services Design Engineers
  • Charted Engineers: CIBSE, IET and Institute of Energy
  • CABE Built Environment expert (BEE)
  • BSRIA Soft Landings User Group Members
  • BREEAM New Construction and Bespoke Accredited Assessors
  • BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment Accredited Assessors Code for Sustainable Homes Accredited Assessors
  • LEED Green Associate
  • CIBSE and BSRIA BIM Working Group Members
  • KNX Partner and Niagara AX certified
  • RIBA Affiliate Member

“Underlying all of WMEboom’s work is inherent flexibility, attention to detail and consideration for our clients’ needs, identifying where value can be best delivered.”

Our Philosophy

We add tangible value to all architectural building designs and urban master plan proposals by the integration of intelligent design solutions, drawn from a diverse pool of expertise. We make sure that the right skills are available at the right time for all our projects, and that they are delivered with passion and integrity.

We help to lead the industry through active participation in working groups such as Soft Landings and BIM, seeing a route to better practice and more intelligent design through smarter working. We spread our passion for truly integrated design through the industry by our educational work at the Centre for Alternative Technologies (CAT), University of Portsmouth and London Metropolitan University.

It is our aspiration to achieve a carbon positive future, working to bring together practice, industry, education and policymaking towards this common aim. We want to see the built environment supporting the generation of more renewable energy and companies and thought leaders taking accountability and promoting the growth of regenerative design with our help.

New Professionalism

We are committed to adopting this code of practice on all projects and for all clients.

WMEboom is founded on the principles of “New Professionalism” – We believe that we have a responsibility to build an industry culture of understanding, honesty and lasting value, in order to achieve intelligent design solutions and better buildings.

The Usable Building Trust, collaborating with “The Edge” (, have written a paper (Dec 2012) on the new professionalism that is felt to be necessary to design and deliver sustainable, low energy buildings. This paper is a ‘call to arms’ across the built environment industry, identifying the pitfalls and building blocks for current built environment professionals and how the industry at large must change.

Within this paper, based on the experience and research undertaken by a multi-professional set of experts within this field, there is a statement on a code of conduct for the new professional, a Hippocratic Oath of the environmental engineering industry. The elements of this code are:

  1. Be a steward of the community, its resources and the planet. Take a broad view.
  2. Do the right thing, beyond your obligation to whoever pays your fee.
  3. Develop trusting relationships, with open and honest collaboration.
  4. Bridge between design, project implementation and use. Concentrate on the outcomes.
  5. Do not walk away. Provide follow-through and after-care.
  6. Evaluate and reflect upon the performance in use of your work. Feedback the findings.
  7. Learn from your actions and admit your mistakes. Share your understanding openly.
  8. Bring together practice, industry, education, research and policy-making.
  9. Challenge assumptions and standards. Be honest about what you do not know.
  10. Understand contexts and constraints. Create lasting value. Keep options open for the future.

Edge Debate #54 – A New Professionalism?


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