Tuesday 4 March, 10.45 – 12.15, London ExCel

Seminar title: What now for the performance gap?
There is a growing realisation that many new buildings do not perform in accordance with their design intent, in some cases buildings use 300% more energy than predicted.

With an ever growing evidence base of the causes of the performance gap, failures can no longer be ignored.  How can genuinely low-energy low carbon buildings be delivered?

Chair: Bill Bordass, Usable Buildings Trust

Talk 1: The performance gap: where are we now?
Bill Bordass, Usable Buildings Trust

Talk 2: Building Performance Evaluation programme: using data to understand good performance
Mat Colmer, Lead Technologist – Low Impact Buildings, Technology Strategy Board

Talk 3: BIM and Government Soft Landings: achieving better operational outcomes
Kath Fontana,  BAM, RICS FM Group

Talk 4: The importance of closing the gap – quantifying a hard landing
James Warne, Environmental Engineer and Director, BOOM Collective

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