James Warne was invited to the Facilities Show to discuss the role of FM as a catalysis for better performing buildings.

The panel included:

Chair: Gareth Tancred, CEO, BIFM

Emma Bailey, Director, Consulting, Agents4RM

Martin Read, Managing Editor, FM World

Richard Saxon, BIM Ambassador

James Warne, Co-Founder, BOOM Collective


With the design and construction end of the supply chain looking towards facilities management (FM) and occupiers for earlier engagement in the building process, as well as closing the feedback loop as part of the post occupancy handover, it seems fair to question whether there will be a time when facilities managers (FMs) and occupiers will drive future building projects?

The transcript from the panel discussion aims to provide an insight into this vast area. It highlights key themes and discussion points that are being considered by BIFM for the benefit of the FM industry: