LUMA Concept hotel London is inspired by the grand Osram lightbulb factory that once dominated this neighbourhood in Hammersmith; one of the earliest lamp factories in Britain. In the similar spirit of innovation and endeavour, LUMA Concept Hotel has been conceived, which opened its doors in May.

Heeton Holdings Ltd commissioned BOOM Collective to provide the engineering design development and performance specification for Glenthorne Road Hotel, an 89 bed Hotel constructed utilising modular construction technology.

Heeton purchased the original buildings with planning permission dating back to 2010; on appointment BOOM Collective reviewed the original energy and sustainability strategy that included combined heat and power; photovoltaic arrays and air source heat pumps with little engineering validation or space planning. Consequently, BOOM Collective’s initial work involved the development of an alternative energy strategy that complied with the planning conditions in terms of carbon reduction; gave the Client best value and ‘fitted’ within the geometrical constraints of the planning permission.

The proposed energy strategy for the Hotel incorporates Air Source Heat Pumps to provide space heating, cooling and domestic hot water. The strategy achieves a 38.0 % improvement over Building Regulations 2013, complying with the London Plan Policy 5.2.

The project was designed with off-site modular construction in mind and in late 2015 Elements Europe Ltd won the contract to construct the Hotel. The project was ‘assembled’ onsite from factory produced modules within a challenging programme.

BOOM collective were also BREEAM Assessors and ‘emergency’ commissioning managers assisting the construction team.

(Image courtesy of Heeton Holdings Ltd)