WMEboom have been appointed as Environmental Engineering Design Consultants for the new £35M, PCC Derriford project. The Planned Care Centre will inspire and intuitively support safe, effective and efficient patient care and have the flexibility to meet future developments in healthcare, technology and patient needs.

The commission covers the design development of the environmental engineering from inception through to the end of RIBA Stage 3 Developed Design stage with Employers Requirements.

The scope and specialty of clinical care to be delivered within the Planned Care Centre (PCC) is likely to be predominately orthopedic, but the design and clinical content of space means that it isn’t limited to a single specialty.

WMEboom have then ensured that only highly energy efficient plant and equipment will be used on the project and the integration of a combined heat and power (CHP) unit and roof mounted photovoltaic (PV) arrays will ensure that the development achieves 20% CO2 savings on current Part L requirements from renewable or low carbon technologies.


PCC Derriford


Plymouth NHS Trust


Plymouth, UK